EYE MOTH – Elephant POOPOOPAPER – Green (5 1/2″ x 8″)


“Eye Moth” is an original hand made Linocut print, and
the paper made of Elephant’s poop from Thailand.

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“Eye Moth”  is an original hand made Linocut print, and it was my first project.
Description: The three important symbols of this artwork are,
Moth: All of the moths loves light just like our Deaf Community that rely on the light for vision and communication.
Hands: Maybe you notice there are hands-on the wing. Yes, it is hands. It represents for sign language which reflects my life that ASL is my native language.
Eye: For me, eyes are really powerful, and that is everywhere of what we see and what we receive information through eyes. Also, I got inspired by Turkish Evil Eye. It is believed to protect against evil. There are more than that reason why I fell in love when I was visiting Turkey their country.
I have used Elephant POOPOOPAPER from Thailand, and good quality ink for the print,
which measures approx 4″ x 6 ” on 5 1/2″ x 8″ paper.
The print is a signed, numbered limited edition, and unique.
The print comes unframed/unmounted.




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